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cheap prada shoes

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supra Brand aging or into the Chinese sports shoe solved the problem

the brand the problem of aging has become a corporate lingering pain. Now, the awareness of domestic consumers, the shoes  Justin Bieber Shoes

have been out of a few years is good to have a pair of shoes can be put on the shoes "concept, aesthetics, personalization has become the main criteria of contemporary young people to buy shoes. Therefore, placed in front of the most intractable problems into a "trend" and "fashion".


    However, the brand aging problem is not simple to understand as the "product" aging, the aging of the so-called brand is founded earlier refers to the shoe brand visibility in the market competition, reputation declined, and sales and market share to reduce the devaluation of the brand equity phenomenon. On the one hand, the shoe brand image update rate is low

, almost still retains the aesthetic style of the 1980s. But with the changes in the aesthetic sense of consumers, this kind of brand image naturally by the consumer recognized brand aging is inevitable. On the other hand, have a certain brand based on visibility may be higher, but gradually increased as competitive brands, brand awareness will gradually reduce. Nike Jordan series, for example. This series had to play the leading role in the sports brand, a lot of NBA fans of this series of basketball shoes as a collection, limited edition shoes, used shoes has become a highly sought after baby. However, with Jordan's retirement, Jordan fans from the students of impulse spending, growth for the rational consumption of workers. Jordan series brand appeal and the target consumer group - teenagers fans barriers. Then, Nike launched Kobe Bryant, LeBron series shoes in order to respond to market changes.

    With the worsening of the shoe industry, the same phenomenon, "and more scattered," the concept of brand management continue to be social eliminated. Therefore, the "scarcity value" in order to prevent the aging of the brand under the premise of a specific brand, it must extract the scarcity value of the brand, a new species can not be copied, which is the key to brand activation. As we all know, when the new class if there is no so-called personality came to competing with the market, it is difficult to gain a firm foothold. Companies take the initiative to promote the differentiation, to promote industrial competitiveness "scarce" can be more attractive to consumers eye can better meet the consumer's appetite. From another perspective, a brand occupy the dominant share of the vast market, the best strategy is to take the initiative to launch its personality where to create new opportunities. Have a unique selling point, the shoe was able to continue to grow in the market expansion Supra Shoes    


    Of course, the novel mode of transmission is a brand image of the times the performance. With the rise of e-commerce in recent years, more and more shoe hand in the e-commerce to broaden the market, the development of personalized marketing solutions for the shoe, but at the same time to achieve synchronization through online sales for the brand and product promotion and branding to product promotion in one step. So borrowed to carry out propaganda mode to match with the current economic environment, e-commerce channels, using the Internet to spread the brand promotion of enterprises using e-commerce, this cost-effective strategy is easy to change the way suitable for the present development model of the shoe.

Posted: 10:30, 2012-Jul-9
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Shevchenko work with Nike for the opening of the community stadium and sports center

"Nike understands the positive impact of exercise on the lives of young people," Nike Central and Eastern European Marketing Director, Steve Tsoi said. Nike on the football field and gym renovation and of Shevchenko transformation of school buildings commitment for the school and local communities to provide a great venue for sports and learning Justin bieber

. "


"Green war process" is a selection of Nike football talent worldwide activities. The 30 finalists this year's "green war process" Ukrainian national final of young players and Shevchenko appeared in the opening ceremony of the new stadium. Shevchenko said: "Football in my life so much positive impact, so I would like to participate in the Nike project, provided one has the best facilities for a new generation of football players are football pitches, let they are safe to play the same time, I was able to participate in this activity  Women Supra Shoes - Black / Red

are proud, because this community where I grew up.


Andriy Shevchenko was educated at the school and live in the local community. Nine years old, the talented Andriy Shevchenko on behalf of the urban team to participate in the process of a municipal Championship scouts to explore.


In addition, the Kiev City Mayor Oleksandr Popov, U.S. Ambassador Taifu Te Ao Bulong District Mayor Vasily Antonov and the school principal, Natalia Vic Sihanouk also went to the event, the expression their support.


"We have renovated schools so beautiful football stadium proud. Kiev City, cooperation projects to support those who have been dedicated to physical education, Women Supra Shoes - Black / Blue / Pink

 sports and community activities." Popov said.



Kiev City is committed to supporting non-profit and commercial organizations cooperation projects that contribute to the cause of the development of physical education, sports and world-class athletes.


The renovation of a new sports facilities is the first phase of the campus redevelopment project in the ground. Shevchenko Foundation is committed to the transformation of the school's teaching facilities, to provide students with a better education and

 learning environment.


Nike expressed his thanks for the efforts made by the Advisory Committee provides valuable guidance to the Committee for the project, committee members include: Delta the Sport (Nike Ukrainian distributors), Andrei Shevchenko Foundation, Sergei Bubka, Aobu Long District Council, Ukraine education, science and technology, youth and sports department, and 216 schools

Posted: 09:05, 2012-Jul-8
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Justin Bieber appeared in London, cited unrest female fans all night waiting for

he Canadian popular singer Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) appeared in London, causing many female fans crazy screaming, and even lead to traffic chaos.

  Heard of super idol to come to London, many female fans a few days in advance in the street waiting, and some even put up tents outside the hotel will be staying Bibb, all night waiting for. The girls talk about each other the love of their idols, a competition to see who is most like Bibb. Some girls said: "My God, I love him, every night all dream about him." Others say: "No! I like him better, he gave me inspiration and motivation, he is my idol, I love all his and his girlfriend. "

  Before the arrival day, Bibb, Cheap justin bieber shoes  the fans every 20 minutes will be because of a false news scream and shout slogans, afraid to miss the positive contact and idol. They did not see the idol a few days to eat a bad meal, sleep, and even schools do not go. A college student, said: "We have four days did not go to school. Justin Bieber is more important than my courses. Parents thought I was crazy, but they do not understand how much I love him."

  There wearing the uniform of high school students. 12-year-old Oceanne said: "I do not care whether other people say Justin Bieber Supra Shoes too young, Bibb, hot sexy, I love him."

  Door than Peter arrived at the Kensington Royal Garden Hotel, these female fans suddenly lost the previous noise and screaming, all left excited tears, tightly surrounded his car, do not residence beat against the windows, and was even sitting in the car to cover. The scene runaway street and serious traffic congestion, than the primary car behind the driver kept pressing the horn.

  A girl touched in after some struggling after the hand Bibb said excitedly: "I touched him! I touched Justin Bieber, my God, I can not believe this is true, I can not even breathe. Today is the best day of my life, I'm so happy. "The picture shows Justin Bieber appeared in all the bodyguards escorting



Posted: 02:37, 2012-Jun-30
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Justin Bieber Shoes? Levi's 511 Jeans mysterious re-exposure

Previously declared Levi's x Justin Bieber Shoes joint planning topic of messages you shoes fans today the highly anticipated joint masterpiece latest disclosure.

Previously declared Levi's x Nike SB joint planning topic of messages you shoes fans today the highly anticipated joint masterpiece latest disclosure. This back to the exposure of a Supra TK Society Purple x Levi's 511 Jeans joint jeans details of the figure, to this end pieces of the classic styles of Levi's 511 jeans edition option, the overall black tannin for the design, seen everywhere in the fascinating details of the two brands in the design figure, Nike logo at the waist leather standard will melt in which, while on the inner edge of the waistband with Nike SB white paint "makeup pocket, the other within the classical groove design on the Nike SB box, and the waist buckle, especially with Levi's and Nike The two brands ", definitely people to look forward to the official arrival of the joint planning of a Levi's x Nike SB. It is reported that the joint planning of the Kids Supra Shoes

 appeared on July 4, more Levi's x Nike SB joint planning follow-up message of shoes and clothing you shoes fans please do wait and see more tracking reports.

Posted: 08:39, 2012-Jun-27
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Fila brand's first flagship store to stay at Westgate

  Many guests and friends in the media gathered in this stylish and dynamic party feel Fila provide everyone with an unparalleled fashion sports experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Products show for the quarter, so that the guests feast for the eyes, followed the brand's classic design and elegant lines, best reflects the essence of representing high-end sports fashion brand, Womens Supra shoes perfect combination of the movement of the United States, enthusiasm and strength, more in line with The modern pursuit of a comfortable life philosophy, and a good interpretation of a positive attitude towards life and elegant sports art.

    In particular is worth mentioning is the grand opening of the flagship store, fully inherited the style of the New York flagship store, Justin Bieber Shoes  white main color for the environment, together with the black floor, creating an atmosphere of simple luxury to create a pleasant shopping experience for consumers . Portrait by the famous Italian architectural interior designer Giorgio Borruso Design, a very rich Italian style and modern. Adhering to the details of the Fila perfectly embodies the philosophy of art and luxury, the details permeates the beauty of the sport. Mr. Borruso's ideal image of the chief architect of the flagship store to the establishment of a "dynamic as the most important elements of space" world, he will be the style of the flow line and the Smart implement in-store design, Supra TK Society Purple shop, Ambilight The people at first sight.

    Fila flagship store in the building space is bold and elegant, the wall of shoes in the shop more based on scores for the inspiration, the kind of subtle waves and lines are carried as notes shoe: Fila from the movement of the beauty of art .


Posted: 21:22, 2012-Jun-25
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Fila business faces three major challenges

Company believes that China's sportswear market has great growth potential, acquisitions the Fila strategic importance of the Anta diversified brand development in China. "Anta group  Supra Vulk Lowvice president, spokesman Tao said to the reporter , after closing of the sale and purchase agreement, Anta plans to the Fila retail stores by the existing distributors operating Fila brand retail stores in Hong Kong and Macau by the company manages its own to ensure that its brand in the  Justin Bieber Shoes market force. However, many of the relevant examination and approval procedures has not been completed, specific business strategy is not convenient to disclose the final price of the acquisition can not be determined.

  , Fila in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau trademark rights in the September 2007 transfer to Belle International. Disclosed in the announcement, FullProspect owns and manages in Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland Fila Chinese trademark. Fila M arketing is responsible for a retail sales in Hong Kong and Macao with the Fila Chinese trademark sports apparel, footwear and accessories. Among them, held by Belle F ull P ros-pect85% shares, the remaining 15% by Fila Korea holds for the actual control of Fila Luxembourg.

  " footwear brands and sportswear distribution network development in China and the Group's experience in the specific skills and experience required for the development of international sports Supra TK Society Purple  brand in China , have some differences in the recent economic downturn has exacerbated the severity of the problem. " Belle sources, as of the end of 2008, Full Prospect year net loss of 32.18 million yuan, Fila M arketing net loss of 7 million yuan.


Posted: 21:14, 2012-Jun-25
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The classic retro or avant-garde hip-hop fever winter 08 sports shoes to collect

Retro is still popular, flamboyant hip-hop style is still sought after by the people, the movie for inspiration, Justin bieber  shoes for sale or sports shoes issued to commemorate the festival not only the appearance eye-catching collection of love objects, one of the following winter 08 fresh shoes, your heart water?

This was formerly Onitsuka Kihachiro (KIHACHIRO ONITSUKA), love the world Alex (Asics) So far the brand has a history of more than 55 years, Asics, the most classic Procourt Hi engraved launched a suite consisting of patent leather and suede leather

I do not know how many people have seen the Womens Supra shoes Supra TK Society Purple  Tim Burton (Tim Burton) 1988 film "Beetlejuice" (underworld division), a standard style of Tim Burton fairy tale and ghost story. Reebok (Reebok) The Beetlejuice Halloween Limited Edition perhaps we should think of the strange and playful story of the insole of the shoes, the upper printed with the plot and main characters in the movie. You are going to first review the movie plot or to buy sports shoes?

To launch the UK's sports shoes the Shoppes Offspring with Fred Perry Fred Perry Fred Perry's classic shoes Coxson, Offspring of this pair of shoes lined uppers completely reversed, even the usually hidden in the shoes the sutures do not leak present on the vamp.

Posted: 07:52, 2012-Jun-25
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Adidas IT R & D center located in Barcelona

 According to German media reports, the world's second largest sporting goods suppliers Justin Bieber Shoes (Justin Bieber Shoes) in Barcelona (Barcelona) has opened an IT research and development center. According to reports, the adidas (Adidas), president of the IT department, Jan Brecht 'will expert to attract new R & D center, rather than go to the company's headquarters - Herzogenaurach (Herzogenaurach).


The  center will initially be set only a few developers. The first batch jobs had already been announced. Customer-oriented software, such as applications, are becoming increasingly important in the sporting goods market. A total of 1000 IT professionals work for Supra Skytop III (Supra Skytop III).

Posted: 10:09, 2012-Jun-24
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Who says that brand extension can not be "stray"

 HC textile product line single to the world famous snow boots Supra Cruizer company has developed a summer products flip flops; known Crocs plastic "hole shoes are also thinking about how to extend its product line, with the launch of some casual clothes and sunglasses. These extension products and the source of the brand (parentbrand) fit does not seem high, Womens Supra shoes but the source of brand awareness and quality do not rely on, consumers accept this? Look at television advertising in China, East Dawning, repeatedly stressed that it is the Kentucky Fried Chicken Brothers brand, but also want to stick the light of a little brother. We are very curious about the effects of such marketing practices? Marketers in the use of the brand effect of the source of the brand, what should be what precautions?

    Swaying consumers

    Consumers are willing to accept the brand extension depends on two factors: a source of the brand's quality, 2. Source brand new class fit.

    Some of the marketing research results have indicated that consumers' willingness to accept brand extensions (brandextensions) depends mainly on two factors: the quality of a source brand. Source brand new category fit. UGG sandals, for example, consumer concern is the quality of the brand UGG and UGG brand new sandals fit.Typically, consumers weigh these two factors, the evaluation points is always "relative". Such as "the quality of UGG snow boots, plus 2 points; but to say it and flip flops fit it ... it is to be discounted, minus 2 points. Obviously, consumers around swing, and marketers need to do is hovering in the consumer back to their positions, such as UGG, marketing manager must say: "Do not consider fit, think we were quality more than a good brand. "

    Two Ways of Thinking

    For better quality of the fit is not high but the source of the brand extension product, the marketer needs to allow consumers to concrete forms of thinking.

    On an article we have talked about the different mentality of consumers have a totally different consumption patterns, the same is true here. We found that an abstract thinking (abstractmindset) consumers think of first when considering brand extension, brand idea or abstract concept, they will think: "this brand to do so right? Right?" At this point they are more to care about the brand fit; a figurative thinking (concretemindset the) consumers will be thinking: "Should I buy this product?" only those ready to buy concrete thinkers, will begin to source brand nature or how the product quality, Womens Supra shoes while no longer entangled in the brand fit.

    For better quality of the fit is not high but the source of the brand extension product, such as UGG's the word drag, or assume Haagen Dazs (H?? Agen-Dazs) intend to do farm cheese (cottagecheese,), when the marketer needs to consider is to allow consumers to think in concrete form. Do not let them think "cheese Haagen Dazs to do, so suitable for you?" Instead, it should allow consumers straight into the theme: "I buy what?" So that they began to recall all the benefits of the brand and make purchase decisions . Quality reputation does not matter how good the source of the brand, such as Wal-Mart's own brand known for cheap products with the demands of this time is so that consumers try to forget the source of the brand.

    Different brand marketers how to do to take advantage of the consumer's way of thinking, thus affecting their extension of the product's view? These findings to share with you.


Posted: 02:28, 2012-Jun-22
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phthalmic femtosecond 6900, Cambridge, Chengdu spike the city

No doubt, these guys bursting with confidence, and are certainly Eye Hospital in Chengdu Medical College Cambridge just do refractive surgery. Common femtosecond refractive surgery is only 6900 yuan, the difference between individual femtoseconds (femtosecond + before sowing guide + iris location) only 8900 yuan, hundreds of thousands of femtosecond laser refractive surgery, such a substantial discount, if not the "Cambridge 15 years Thanksgiving Dreams", the general activities impossible.

The impact of myopia on people's lives is growing, despite the pick a mirror needs, but would like to restore clear vision of purpose are the same. Standing the patient's point of view, would certainly be "Justin Bieber Shoes " before choosing refractive surgery, find themselves think best, before deciding whether surgery. Cambridge Eye Hospital 15 years of professional quality escort for your safety pick a mirror.

"Than the preoperative examination.

Other Eye Hospital preoperative examination are charges, only the Cambridge Eye Hospital is free of charge, and 24 preoperative examination is the most detailed examination items in the Eye Hospital in Chengdu. Germany imported PENTACAM three-dimensional anterior segment analysis and diagnosis system has a unique advantage in the screening of early keratoconus and other surgical contraindications.

Than surgical equipment Supra TK Society Purple.

Cambridge Eye Hospital was the first introduction of Viagra excimer laser system, megahertz-class the new femtosecond laser equipment, as well as the world's leading wavefront-guided and iris positioning technology to build the world Lasik surgery is the most perfect top equipment lineup.

"Team of experts.

Cambridge Eye Hospital has a four deputy chief physician, associate professor, a physician, lecturer, southwest of the most authoritative team of the refractive surgery experts, the configuration of the three surgeon specialists and two out-patient experts, Eye Hospital, Chengdu specifications the highest and strongest. More than 60 thousand cases of successful refractive surgery experience, so rest assured that patients with myopia surgery Supra Vaider.

Posted: 08:36, 2012-Jun-20
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a fee supra for sale

A fee as Apple's App Store is the best-selling game, "angry bird" downloads has exceeded 200 million, and its also a new wave of digital fashion trend endorsement.


Recently, the Justin Bieber Shoes developer Rovio Mobile CEO Michael Hyde, Mikael Hed, authorize the China's largest online Shoes City Music Amoy "angry bird" world premiere footwear image of the right to use Lok commissioned third-party companies The hero in the game as to create the material, the use of different shoes designed to give birth to shoes, sold on its Web site.


Lok CEO Bi Sheng, the original intention of cooperation, Justin Bieber Shoes had been" New York Times called the 2010 'annual cultural symbols'. Can imagine the value of his brand has long been beyond the areas of the game, while a game rage, after all, is short, only shape the culture classic can have long-term vitality of the need to create more consumers are willing to pay for goods prop up his cultural heritage of this idea and Hyde recognized, so we quickly reached intention of cooperation. "


Supra  Skytop White  Red the initial exclusive sale of Edison shoes, the former NBA star Stephon Marbury shoes to the present bird shoes, Lok will be more fashion elements added to the product which will sell products to not only the pursuit of product features, would also like to ride with the fashion sector The crowd, aiming at playing a platform to sell a brand.


Lok Bi Sheng, CEO, said in an interview, "and its fall into the competition vicious circle of homogenization, it is better to start from the brand to enhance the premium ability angry bird the Lok new opportunity, in the future there will be more influx of goods Cooperation and Development, to create music Amoy still cool feeling. "


At present, the electricity supplier industry is fiercely competitive, each desperately shouting their own services is the most complete, the cheapest goods, will focus on the functionality of publicity, each can not avoid a price war. Lok effort to create their own trend of image, obvious where the object will be fast fashion concept successfully launched into some people similar to where customers.


Bi Sheng euphemism in an interview, said the launch of its own brand may be able to help Lok improve gross margin, but gave no detailed plans and sales forecasts. Lok's current business model is still mainly by the brand and dealers supplied directly through its network of channel sales. Supra  Skytop White  Red   has concentrated over 150 footwear brands, 14000 variety of shoes. The first quarter of this year, sales had reached $ 100 million, gross profit margin of around 30%


Posted: 02:01, 2012-Jun-17
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supra shoes signing a professional tennis player JOHN ISNER for ambassador

Following the 2005 signing sponsored tennis player Roddick as Justin Bieber Shoes, this new cooperation with Isner, and deepen the historical origins of the LACOSTE brand development with the United States. Is true in the 1920s, it was in Boston, USA, the Justin Bieber Shoes brand founder Ren? Lacoste won the nickname of the "Supra  Skytop   White   Red ". This image soon became a sign of Ren? Lacoste tough on the court. Today, the LACOSTE is twice a year to participate in the U.S. New York Fashion Week, the interpretation of the latest fashion show. 

The Justin Bieber Shoes global CEOChristophe Chenut said: "We are very pleased to welcome, John Isner to join LACOSTE family. Isne with Mahut, Nicolas, work together to create the longest match in tennis record on race, but now he also joined the LACOSTE big family and we pick him down the results are very confident, especially in fast pitch

Posted: 02:31, 2012-Jun-12
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Justin Bieber Shoes autumn and winter of supra Shoes the Sport

Justin Bieber Shoes, recently announced the new autumn and winter of 2010 Shoes of Admiral the Sport. The new announcement changed the image of Supra Skytop II former professional skateboarding shoes, adding a lot of street trend of the elements, Gaotong design is to meet the current trends, a large tongue on full sense of the DC flag is present. Justin Bieber Supra's professional skateboarding shoe soles soles follow the comfortable wear, the strap is also very good to protect the ankle. Beige and white with a coordinated, very fine a shoe.

Posted: 00:19, 2012-Jun-10
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Prada, spring and summer series of handbags- blue and white handbag

Prada 2012 spring and summer handbags: blue and white handbag

prada shoes spring and summer handbags: blue and white handbag

Posted: 02:48, 2012-Apr-28
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Prada employees discriminatory dismissal storm it hard

In 2009, the prada manager Rina Boris Prada dismissed by the company

  In the 2005 film "The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep (Meryl Streep) play the female fashion prada shoes outlet editor in chief of the staff dress code is extremely strict. Three minutes into the office every day, there will be staff spontaneously pull "fashion alert: everyone in panic makeup, for high-heeled Prada Canvas  , and fear with the body may be a problem at the last second heal the head of Alice from the Soke - a fashion loophole may have been discriminated against or even lose their jobs.

Posted: 02:23, 2012-Apr-20
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